This is the personal web presence of Mike and Kathy Smith. It was originally housed at Iodid.com and if the DNS records are maintained properly will remain accessible via either that domain or Go499.com. For reasons of being cheap, Mike moved this off paid hosting and on to Google Sites, which are available with his legacy (i.e. no longer available for new subscribers) free G suite setup. The only drawback is since that plan was setup under the Go499.com domain it is probably impossible and at least very complex to maintain under the secondary Iodid.com domain.  Most of the content is Mike's creation, though Kathy has created parts of it. For more background, please read our FAQ. When you see something written in the first person, it is almost certainly written by Mike.

While moving to Google sites, the content was edited to remove anything truly embarrassing. I suspect if you are desperate to find something like that then it is probably in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine but since I am having to modify content anyway, I might as well not waste time on such items. I am also going to trying to fix grammar and spelling errors, but will inevitably introduce a few new ones. I am just for nostalgia sake maintaining the general structure of the site.

These pages are divided into two parts. The first part contains several weblogs that Mike updated on an irregular basis back when the site was new. They range in subject matter from movie reviews and technology pointers to political writings and random interesting web pages.  Originally run on the blogging software, Movable Type, I am now only posting static pages as I abandoned both blogging and Movable Type maintenance long enough ago that it doesn't really make sense to do more.

The other part is a series of more static pages of the site. These include links to Mike's resume (he is always looking for a challenging job), items of interest to friends and family, random writings of Mike's and Mike's Numerical Movie Rankings (also largely an abandoned hobby).

Depending on your interests either or both may interest you, but feel free to explore and bookmark or link to any of the pages  in accordance with our terms of use. If anyone had actually linked to the Iodid.com pages, I apologize if the move to Google Sites has broken you links.

Early to Mid 2000's Photo pages

See our Sint Maarten/St. Martin photos here.

See our San Diego Zoo photos here.