For weblog purposes, this site was powered by Movable Type.

Even though Movable Type provides that capability to sort entries based on categories, our subjects and tone varies so much from category to category, we have decided to have several separate logs.


Fun On The Web

    • Links to fun websites of random types.

Mike's Mostly Movies

    • A collection of short summaries, highlights and reviews of all movies that Mike watches.

Mike's Politics

    • Mike likes to think of himself as a radical centrist, but will probably appear as the opposite of the political spectrum from all readers. Mike does his best to be open and honest about his ideas, but does not recommend reading this if you can be offended by differing opinions. You may be shocked if you have never talked politics with Mike.

Technology All The Way

    • Mike's writings about and links to technology related information of all sorts, including programming.

Website History

    • Mike's attempt to document the significant changes that the website has undergone.