Outdated Weblogs FAQ

What is a weblog?

There are many different definitions around the Internet for what a weblog of blog is. From Iodid.com's perspective a weblog is a single web page or series of web pages that are created by placing dated material into a template that can only be edited separately from the dated entries. Usually they are created by a personal publishing system. Iodid.com uses Movable Type for this purpose.

What new words' definitions are key to understanding people writing or talking about weblogs?

What is the best way to link to a log entry on Iodid.com?

Though not labeled explicitly as permalinks, each individual entry page has a unique URL that is static after its creation. To get to this page follow the link that includes the posting time from any of the other pages. By linking to these pages, you increase the chance that the link will remain relevant to the reason you linked to it. All date based pages should also remain static. Please feel free to link to any of them.

Apologies are necessary for breaking any links to items that were part of the old combined weblog. They were all destroyed in the redesign. Iodid.com hereby commits to maintaining all of the weblog pages where they are currently located as long as it is owned by the Smith family and the postings are still relevant.